Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’

9 JUL 14
VA Section 45 trip: Day 3
Lost Mountain Shelter-Damascus (via Virginia Creeper Trail/Appalachian Trail)
Miles today: 13.1

If you pick ’em up, O Lord, I’ll put ’em down.  -Author Unknown, “Prayer of the Tired Walker”

Somehow I lost my notes, so here goes my trip report from memory.

It rained on & off this morning as everyone was getting up & situated to leave. Jen & Curt were heading NOBO towards Whitetop. I had thought about going north too, to cut off the chunk of AT I hadn’t hit yet, but that would entail another night’s stay, and I was running low on food. I didn’t want to chance it.

Skink & his nephew headed SOBO back to Damascus. I told him I’d link up with him for lodging once in town.

Not wanting to get wet again, I procrastinated at the shelter, conversing with the hammock guy with the crazy, curly blond hair. His trail name was Nightwalker. He told me how he had a total knee replacement last year, showed me the scar, and said when he started the trail this year he was only doing about 5 miles per day. He must have seen the look on my face, indicating that he’d never make it to Katahdin before OCT 15, because he quickly added- “I’m going to Harper’s Ferry, then flip-flopping up to Katahdin”. Ahh, there ya go.

We chatted about mundane things (remember I really didn’t want to walk in the rain). One thing that caught me off guard was when he asked about what kind of music I listened to. He said he likes rap, but not the new stuff out today, “except for Kendrick Lamar. He’s good”. Umm, what? He then floored me. “My favorite rapper is Tek-9”. Excuse me? Holy crap, never in a MILLION years would I have thought this guy to like rap. Gangsta rap. Goes to show you- never, EVER judge a book by its cover! The trail does that; shows you how cool some people can really be.

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