Appalachian Trail Mileage Chart

Last year I found an Excel spreadsheet that listed the mileage for all trailheads, towns, road crossings, shelters, campsites, water points (you get the picture) on the AT. What was cool about it is you could mark any start/stop point with an “x” and it would calculate the mileage between them.

While it was a few simple functions and formulas, there’s no way I could have created that myself, so over the course of about 10 days, I updated the sheet with the official 2014 mileage. Of course, there’s another trail re-route in VA for 2015, so this will be a little off, but if you’re a numbers/charts/Excel junkie it’s still a great way to plan your trips.

I only uploaded the southern half of the AT from Springer to Harpers Ferry- hope to get it updated with the 2015 mileages all the way to Katahdin soon!