Gear Lists


Here you will find information about my gear, and my packing lists for my various trips.

NOTE: I’m curently revamping how I list my gear for each hike. Also, I’ve started using a pretty neat Excel spreadsheet created by Erik the Black, which does a great job of caluclating Base Pack Weight, Total Pack Weight, and Skin-Out Weight, PLUS, it’ll show you how much money you’ve squandered spent on backpacking gear.

Another option is using Gear Grams for a similar method.

Below are links to the spreadsheets for most of my backpacking trips in 2014. You’ll see how my pack weight went from an astonishing almost 39 pounds (31 pounds base pack weight) for an overnight trip down to just over 25 lbs (19 pounds base weight) for a 4 day outing.

Trip #1: McAfee Knob                                BPW:  31lbs 9 oz        TPW: ~38 lbs 12 oz
Gear Planner 1 (McAfee knob 2014)

Trip #2: Grayson Highlands State Park    BPW: 30 lbs 1.7 oz    TPW: ~36 lbs 5.7 oz
Gear Planner 2 (GHSP)

Trip #3: Elk Garden/Fox Creek area         BPW: 25 lbs 10.6 oz    TPW: ~32 lbs 6.6 oz
Gear Planner 3 (Elk Garden-Fox Creek)

Trip #4: Roan Mountain                             BPW: 22 lbs 10.4 oz    TPW: ~30 lbs 10.4 oz
Gear Planner 4 (Roan Mtn)

Trip #5: Damascus                                     BPW: 21 lbs 2.6 oz     TPW: ~29 lbs 2.6 oz
Gear Planner 5 (Damascus)

Trip #6: Max Patch-Hot Springs               BPW: 19 lbs 7 oz        TPW: ~25 lbs 10 oz
Gear Planner 6 (Hot Springs 15 AUG)

Trip #7: Erwin/Big Bald                             BPW: 19 lbs 7.8 oz     TPW: ~28 lbs 11.8 oz
Gear Planner 8 (Erwin-Big Bald)

Trip #8: Davenport Gap/Snowbird           BPW: 24 lbs 1.2 oz     TPW: ~30 lbs 0.2 oz
Gear Planner 9 (Smokies & Snowbird)


Here’s the link to Erik The Black’s website and his planner:

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